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  • Colonsay Poster 1

    No.6 Always listen to the Dragon!

      Ok, so……..here goes with Blog No.6! Any watcher of Dragon’s Den will know only too well the importance placed on Copyright and Trademarks, especially by the formidable Mrs Meaden……now we know why! Close your eyes and I’m sure you can see her doing that ‘annoying thing’ with her fingernails…

  • The Cannies

    No.5 Gin Dogs

        Ok, so………..Sam and Kira are both German Short-haired Pointers and our near constant companions. Sam’s been with us since 2012

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  • Ginhamer Presentation Photo

    No.4 Ginhamer Festival 2017

    Ok, so…..our first ever gin festival, and boy, what a festival to choose! We poured 300 x 1cl measures in a little over 3 hours! We salute the gin drinker

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  • Gin Lover's Retreat House photo

    No.3 Before & After

    Ok, so……..here goes with Blog No.3! This is what Tigh na Uruisg looked like before and after. It now stands as the HQ of Wild Thyme Spirits and our home, 

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  • Building Process of Colonsay House

    No.2 Firm Foundations

    Ok, so…..here goes with Blog No.2 I always shake my head in disbelief when remembering that we first bought the original Tigh na Uruisg back in September

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  • Influence Board 1

    No.1 Brand New Beginnings

    Ok, so…..here goes with Blog no.1! Coming from an architectural and design background, the concept of ‘mood boards’ or ‘influence boards

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