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Colonsay Cocktails No.12 – Gin Pahit

Anthony @cocktails_for_breakfast has given us another great cocktail to try. This cocktail may be small, but it certainly packs a punch! For the base we’ve used Colonsay Gin – Tonn Mor, which is a navy strength London Dry and we’ll explain why later. Firstly, the cocktail: There are some pretty major disagreements around this cocktail, mostly centred around the amount of Angostura bitters used. Difford’s Guide (along with other respected sources) would have you use 2 dashes (some say 3). However, the Raffles Hotel, and also @dradamshob Book Of Bitters,... Read More


Colonsay Cocktails No.11 – Azure Negroni

Anthony @cocktails_for_breakfast has given us another great cocktail to try. Delicious bittersweet citrus flavours, with our top quality Colonsay Gin – Solas as the base. And of course, who doesn’t love a blue cocktail! Method and ingredients below: 30ml Colonsay Gin – Solas Gin 20ml Bitter Bianco 20ml Lillet Blanc 20ml Blue Curaçao Stir all ingredients over ice until well chilled, then strain into an Old Fashioned glass over large ice cubes. Garnish with an orange peel twist. Simple to make with subtle flavours.


Colonsay Cocktails No.10 – Nesmith Carioca

Once again we thank our ‘resident’ mixologist Anthony @cocktails_for_breakfast for this fabulous creation. This cocktail was first created by filmmaker Rob Christopher in 2014. Rob named this in tribute to musician Michael Nesmith and his 1979 song Carioca Rob created this with one of his favourite gins, so we’ve done the same and used our Colonsay Gin – Tonn Mor which is a bold, punchy, dry, and, of course, juniper-forward Navy Strength gin. With lime, pineapple, honey and bitters, this is a delicious gin-based Tiki sipper. Method and ingredients below:... Read More


Colonsay Cocktails No.9 – Suffering Bastard

A Tiki classic, this recipe is courtesy of the @cocktails_for_breakfast. A split base of brandy and gin. Full details below: 30ml Colonsay Gin 30ml Brandy 15ml Lime Juice Cordial 2 dashes Angostura bitters 120ml Ginger Beer Add all ingredients (apart from the ginger beer) to a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake until well chilled. Add the ginger beer, then open pour carefully into a double rocks / OF glass, or a Tiki mug as shown here. Garnish with mint and citrus


Colonsay Cocktails No.8 – Ampersand

This is quite a boozy brandy influenced affair! Those looking for something sweet may not find it here! Very much for the Martini & Manhattan lover’s out there. This cocktail was first published in the Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book by A.S. Crockett. As Difford’s Guide explains, the name may be a reference to the ampersand (&) in the brand of vermouth that was used. Did you know that the ampersand was once part of the English alphabet? It was more or less the 27th letter, after Z. The symbol didn’t... Read More


Colonsay Cocktails No.7 – Island Paradise

We just couldn’t resist this fabulous looking creation from Ant @cocktails_for_breakfast ! It’s worth making just for the insane garnish don’t you think!? It’s name is also very appropriate, seeing as we live on the beautiful island of Colonsay, although we’re struggling to find palm trees! Just have to settle for all the exotic flora and fauna in Colonsay House gardens instead! This is not the type of drink you’d normally associate with Scottish gin, but there are plenty of Tiki drinks that use gin as their base, so we... Read More


Colonsay Cocktails No.6 – Green Credentials

Combining the flavours of Blackberry and Balsamic and putting them up against the herbaceous flavour bomb that is Green Aperitivo. The result is kind of a Bramble base, but with the added acidity and a strong herbal backbone. Ingredients: 30ml Colonsay Gin 22.5ml P31 Green Aperitivo 15ml Lemon Juice 4 blackberries (plus more for garnish) 15ml Colonsay Bramble Liqueur 15ml Creme de Cassis 5ml Balsamic Vinegar Muddle the bkackberries in the bottom of a rocks glass with the balsamic vinegar. Add the Cassis and Bramble Liqueur then fill with crushed... Read More


Colonsay Cocktails No.5 – Bees Knees

Ingredients 50ml Colonsay Gin 20ml Lemon juice 20ml Orange juice 2tsp Colonsay Honey For No.5 we’re using our own recipe and the fabulous Colonsay Honey. To find out more about how the honey is made and why it tastes so good, go to: https://colonsay.org.uk/shops-food/colonsay-honey Add the gin and the honey to a shaker and stir/shake to dissolve the honey. Top Tip: Don’t add any ice as the honey just sticks to it! Add lemon and orange juice and now top up with ice. Shake to cool. Strain into a chilled... Read More


Colonsay Cocktails No.4 – Kiloran Waves

Ingredients 50ml Colonsay Gin 1 tsp Greengage Jam 20ml Seaweed and tea syrup* 5ml Smokey Scotch (Ardbeg) 25ml Lime 1 Egg white For our 4th Colonsay Cocktail we’ve switched allegiance and taken creative guidance from @thecocktailtradingco. Check out their Instagram page for more fab recipes. Kiloran Waves – which showcases Colonsay Gin and was created to celebrate the launch of our first ‘island batch’ – Wild Thyme 909 – back in May 2018. With one sip, drinkers will be transported to one of the island’s finest golden beaches, with tempestuous... Read More


Colonsay Cocktails No.3 – Port Mhor

Ingredients 60ml Colonsay Gin 30ml Lillet Blanc 30ml Blue Curacao 30ml Lemon Juice 3 dashes Orange Bitters 1 egg white Welcome to No.3 in a series of ‘how to make cocktail’ blogs. Another fabulous Colonsay Gin cocktail creation from Anthony from @cocktails_for_breakfast. By now you’ll be following him on Instagram I’m sure – his garnishes are legendary! Port Mhor is a smooth citrusy cocktail that captures the beauty of the island location and we love it because it’s pretty close to being #colonsayblue! Shake ingredients without ice, very vigorously (mini... Read More