No.5 Gin Dogs



Ok, so………..Sam and Kira are both German Short-haired Pointers and our near constant companions. Sam’s been with us since 2012 when we rescued him from a shelter in Cyprus and is the most laid back, good natured dog imaginable! Kira is a newer addition to the WTS team. We rescued her from the same shelter in March 2016. She’s a bit more singled minded and still inclined to go walkabout, but we’re working on that! They both absolutely love the island, especially the freedom and wide open spaces that it offers them. A deserted Kiloran Bay on a windy day, soon becomes ‘their’ beach, and is a particular favourite, that and chasing rabbits on the golf course!

Their sense of smell and acute hearing often alerts us to the presence of ALVA and the twins, but more often than not, it’s just Scott the Postie who they seem to bark at a lot!

It’s very difficult and emotionally draining everytime we have to go off island to attend festivals or other events as the dogs go into kennels. Now, Di at Kuruba Kennels near Gartmore is very good, and we know they are very well looked after, but, as every dog owner will know, the look on their faces, especially big Sam’s, when they realise that we’re leaving them, is just heart wrenching. I suppose the plus side is when we pick them up again, so thought I’d share the moment in this video!

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