No.1 Brand New Beginnings

Ok, so… goes with Blog no.1!

Coming from an architectural and design background, the concept of ‘mood boards’ or ‘influence boards’ was a familiar one, so I thoroughly enjoyed putting our board together to help explain the concept of Wild Thyme Spirits and Colonsay Gin to the two Gary’s, our Marketing Consultants at Pocket Rocket Creative. The process of creating our brand was a collaborative team effort and included securing the services of Caroline Vos, an illustrator based in Cape Town, South Africa. Yes, I know, South Africa! But you would not believe how difficult it was to get an illustrator that could draw in the style required and, more importantly, in the timescale required. Thankfully, Caroline stepped up to the plate!

She quickly latched on to the Celtic influenced theme, creating Ferghus & Doughal, the two mischievous Brownies that adorn the Wild Thyme Spirits logo, pretty much at the first attempt! Her drawing of ALVA was more involved, but after three or four iterations the Colonsay Gin label was created. We think the team hit the brief and have created a striking piece of artwork as well as a knock out gin label! Hopefully you all agree!

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