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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you make all your products on the island of Colonsay?

A. Yes, all our products are made by us, at the real Colonsay distillery - Tigh na Uruisg.


Q. What’s the perfect serve for Colonsay Gin?

A. We recommend serving as a G&T with Premium Fever Tree Indian Tonic to your own preferred ratio, lots of ice, and a garnish of a few twists of orange zest OR a couple of slices of green chilli.


Q. My local bar doesn’t stock your products, what should I do?

A. Heaven forbid! Well, once you’ve recovered from the shock, you should suitably castigate the bartender, then let us know and we’ll make amends and try to rectify the situation. It would also help if you persevere with your protestations to the bar in question!


Q. Can I order your products online?

A. Yes, all our products are available from our online store - and, bonus! – we don’t charge for delivery!


Q. Can I visit your distillery?

A. Yes, if you are lucky enough to be visiting the Isle of Colonsay, please give us a ring – 01951 200082 – to arrange a distillery tour and tasting.


Q. Can I buy gin at the distillery?

A. Yes, you can buy all our products at the distillery.


Q. Is your gin gluten-free?

A. Although we believe that our distilled spirit is very unlikely to cause any issues to people with a gluten intolerance, we do not class our gin as gluten-free. As we use a grain-based neutral spirit, even after distillation people with severe intolerances may be effected by the spirit.