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Colonsay Xantia Gin Cocktail

Colonsay Xantia is a nice, boozy gin cocktail recipe from The Savoy Cocktail Book (1930). Harry Craddock’s recipe calls for equal parts Gin, Yellow Chartreuse and Cherry Brandy. We’ve made one addition to the original, in that we’ve followed the advice of Simon Difford and included a couple of dashes of Abbotts Bitters. These fantastic bitters are a recreation of a defunct brand of bitters that were very popular in the US for many years, before they disappeared in the 1950’s Abbotts Bitters are believed to have been used in... Read More


Gin Trends 2022

If you were asked to name the first five liquors that come to your mind, undoubtedly gin will be one of them. In fact, there was a time when a gin martini was the trendiest cocktail among business professionals and that trend lasted for decades. Whether it was a dry or sweet gin martini, up or on the rocks, there wasn’t a cocktail hour anywhere that didn’t sell more martinis than any other cocktail trending at that time. For those of you who are among those who still enjoy a... Read More

citrus garnishes for gin cocktail 18/03/2022

Perfect Garnishes for Your Gin Cocktail

There is nothing like an ice-cold gin and tonic after a long day dealing with stress in every direction you turned. Something about the smooth, silky flavour of gin sliding down your tense throat and the fizz of tonic adding that extra layer of relief makes it a perfect refreshment that sets the tone for the evening. Even if you don’t have the traditional gin and tonic garnish lime wedge to give your cocktail a bit of sour fruitiness, don’t despair. You can actually take any botanical you have lying... Read More


Colonsay King of Orange Vodka Cocktail

Colonsay King of Orange Vodka was originally a cocktail created by Fjalar Goud in 2012, this is an updated version from Diffords Guide in which Prosecco has been added. For the base we’ve used our fantastic Colonsay Vodka here, which is produced using peated barley. That gives it a delicious smoky & slightly savoury taste. It always adds an extra depth of flavour & complexity to vodka cocktails 😋 Recipe and ingredients below: 40ml Colonsay Vodka 20ml Grand Marnier 7.5ml Campari 10ml Lemon Juice 25ml Prosecco Shake all ingredients (except... Read More

Lost Loch Gin School 08/03/2022

How Scotland is Leading the Way in Gin Tourism

When you think of Scotland, what alcohol immediately springs to mind? Whisky, of course! Although Scotland is well recognised for its whisky, we are now being spoiled with a variety of world-class gins from Scottish spirit manufacturers. What is the Basic Difference between Whisky and Gin? Whisky, often known as whiskey in other countries, is a distilled alcoholic beverage that is manufactured from fermented grain. Barley, corn, rye, and wheat are among the grains utilised for diverse variations. Whisky is typically matured in either ancient sherry or charred white oak... Read More

basket full of wild herbs after foraging 01/03/2022

Foraging – Is Foraging Just A Marketing Ploy

What was once considered an eccentric, niche activity is now becoming a fashionable way to engage with nature through a culinary lens. However, with all the new interest in our green spaces and the resources they offer, sustainability is a growing concern among those tasked with protecting the environment. As the number of people foraging grows, it’s important to ask whether our forests, parks, and coastlines can handle the impact. Defining Foraging First, we should understand what exactly it means to forage. It’s often defined as searching for rare resources,... Read More

colonsay bramble gin cocktail 20/02/2022

Colonsay Bramble Gin Cocktail

A super simple interpretation of the classic “Bramble” cocktail, which was invented in London in the 1980s by the late, great Dick Bradsell. This version uses our absolutely delicious Bramble liqueur. The Bramble liqueur is EASILY good enough to drink on its own over ice, or with Prosecco or tonic… it’s delicious! But we couldn’t resist the opportunity to combine it with Colonsay Gin – Cait Sith our new, Old Tom style gin. With notes of orange, pink grapefruit and vanilla, it’s an absolutely fantastic addition to the Colonsay range.... Read More


Why the Rise of Scottish Gin?

Gin is a hugely popular spirit, with supermarket and off-licence shelves stacked full of countless brands of gin from well-known and independent producers. 70 percent of gin in the UK market is produced in Scotland. Gordon’s Gin, made in Fife, is the world’s most popular brand, but there are at least 200 more gin brands produced in Scotland, and many more continue to appear on the shelves , thanks to the spirit’s ever-growing popularity. Gin Sales are Booming UK retailers sold around 48 million bottles of gin in the year... Read More

man holding juniper berries 26/01/2022

What is Gin: An Expert Guide

Gin has soared in popularity in recent years. Between 2013 and 2019, gin sales almost tripled, and in 2020, gin sales hit £716 million in the UK. The sector is now worth a staggering £3.2 billion, which includes sales in the UK and overseas. Both small, independent, and large producers are thriving, and this trend looks set to continue. But what is gin? Read our expert guide to find out more. What is Gin Made From? Gin is an alcoholic spirit made from grain, typically barley or wheat. Further botanicals,... Read More

corpse reviver no.2 gin cocktail 13/01/2022

Colonsay Corpse Reviver Gin Cocktail

Colonsay Corpse Reviver Gin cocktail is a version from The Savoy Cocktail Book by Harry Craddock 1930. As Kina Lillet is no longer made, the best alternative is Lillet Blanc. Although first noted as a Layered Corpse Reviver (which contained ingredients such as creme de noyau, maraschino, and even yellow chartreuse) seen on the menus of some Paris bars in 1863, the first Corpse Reviver recipe actually originates from “The Gentleman’s Table Guide” by E. Ricket and C. Thomas, published in 1871. And, fear not, there is nothing scary of... Read More