No.6 Always listen to the Dragon!


Ok, so…… goes with Blog No.6!

Any watcher of Dragon’s Den will know only too well the importance placed on Copyright and Trademarks, especially by the formidable Mrs Meaden……now we know why! Close your eyes and I’m sure you can see her doing that ‘annoying thing’ with her fingernails as she contemplates destroying some poor unfortunate who didn’t have their paperwork in order. We’ve been absolutely astonished at how fraught with pitfalls the process for getting a brand Trademarked is, and yes, it’s not cheap either! The process is a time consuming one and one that majors on the smallest detail or word. It took us several attempts before we even managed to get our first application properly registered. Another steep learning curve!

Add into the mix the ‘nasty folk’ that want to stop you setting up your business in the first place, and you have a recipe for sleepless nights and much angst!  I’m sure they had their reasons, but their actions, in our opinion, only serve to bring their values and business practices into question.

Another surprising part of the process was how quickly the Scottish Whisky Association commented on our applications. It didn’t seem to matter that our first application was for a gin, they were very fast to protect the provenance and good name of Scottish Whisky. The gin industry – especially the Scottish Gin industry – could definitely learn a thing or two from its Whisky colleagues, and bring some much needed policing to bear on the misuse of the term Scottish Gin!

Lots of emails, letters, frantic phone calls and three months later, a piece of paper arrived to confirm that we owned a Trademark. WooHoo! Cue wild celebrations and the mixing of many G&T’s, and, of course, not forgetting a toast to Mrs M! One scarily steep learning curve successfully climbed…….no doubt many more to come!

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