salty dog vodka cocktail 03/09/2021

Colonsay Salty Dog Vodka Cocktail

Salty Dog Vodka cocktail is easy but tasty and has been around for many years. Seeing as it’s only 3 ingredients, quality is key. Using our excellent Colonsay Vodka which is made using peated barley. This gives it a slightly smoky flavour, which adds a delicious complexity to this very simple drink. It also pairs beautifully when you taste it with the salt rim. This can be served in a highball over ice, or straight up as we’ve done here. Method and ingredients below: 45ml Colonsay Vodka 15ml Maraschino Liqueur... Read More

international incident vodka cocktail 20/07/2021

Colonsay International Incident Vodka Cocktail

This cocktail pairs some Irish Cream with our peated barley Colonsay Vodka, some excellent cold brew coffee liqueur and the deliciously nutty duo of Disaronno almond liqueur and Frangelico hazelnut liqueur. Colonsay International Incident Vodka cocktail is a creamy & tasty number and is one that we saw on Difford’s Guide website. Method and ingredients below: 30ml Irish Cream Liqueur 15ml Colonsay Vodka 15ml Coffee Liqueur Mr Black Spirits 15ml Hazelnut Liqueur Frangelico 15ml Amaretto Disaronno Shake all ingredients with ice until well chilled, then fine strain into a chilled... Read More

yellow daisy gin cocktail 25/06/2021

Colonsay Yellow Daisy Gin Cocktail

According to Harry Craddock’s 1930 “The Savoy Cocktail Book”, the Yellow Daisy was the favourite drink of (and was possibly even invented by) Richard William Clarke, who was known as “Deadwood Dick”. Clarke was a onetime Custer Scout, a Pony Express rider, a Deadwood Gulch stagecoach guard and he was the inspiration for 64 “Deadwood Dick” novels by E. L. Wheeler. Clarke was friends with Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickock & Buffalo Bill amongst others and he is buried on Sunrise Mountain, overlooking Deadwood Gulch, South Dakota. I was a... Read More

rum runner cocktail 20/05/2021

Colonsay Rum Runner Rum Cocktail

This 1970s Tiki rum cocktail calls for 151-proof Bacardi, but it’s no longer in production. This gave us a chance to use the 151-proof version of Old J Spiced Rum which is excellent. It may be a spiced rum but it isn’t too sweet, it’s still packed with flavour but it’s not overpowering at all. So good. Just bear in mind that it’s 75.5% ABV, so don’t go overboard haha 😂 This recipe also calls for a Blackberry Brandy, but we’ve subbed in our own fantastic Colonsay Bramble Liqueur, which... Read More

irish dramble whiskey cocktail 20/04/2021

Colonsay Irish Dramble Whisky Cocktail

A Dramble is just a Bramble using Scotch Whisky in place of gin. It was created by Jacob Briars for Dewar’s Whisky. For this version we’ve gone Irish instead though, with the delicious Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey from Dublin 🇮🇪 In place of Creme de Mure we’ve used our very own Colonsay Bramble Liqueur. Method and ingredients below: 60ml Teeling Irish Whiskey 30ml Lemon Juice 12.5ml Colonsay Bramble Liqueur 12.5ml Sugar Syru Shake first 3 ingredients with ice until well chilled, then strain into an Old Fashioned glass filled... Read More

long island spiced tea cocktail 20/04/2021

Colonsay Long Island Spiced Tea Cocktail

Quite a lot going on with this one – but persevere – it’s super tasty! A subtle riff on the classic, which is in Difford’s Guide on their website. The spice element in Colonsay Long Island Spiced Tea is simply that you replace white rum with spiced rum. That provided the perfect opportunity to use Cut O The Rum Spiced Rum, with its delicious vanilla & caramel flavours, tempered by a little peppery spice. This tasty rum is backed up here by 4 more excellent spirits – Cazcabel Tequila Blanco... Read More

negroni verdi gin cocktail 19/04/2021

Colonsay Negroni Verdi Gin Cocktail

As you probably guessed, Negroni Verdi Gin cocktail is a green Negroni. The gorgeous colour comes courtesy of P31 Green Aperitivo, with it’s delicious blend of bittersweet herbs and botanicals. We’ve used our punchy Colonsay Gin Tonn Mor Navy Strength gin as the base, to stand up to those tasty & intense herbal flavours. Then some Bitter Bianco rather than Campari (for obvious reasons of colour), and the same goes for Cinzano Bianco in place of sweet vermouth. But the overall taste is unmistakably in the bittersweet spirit of the... Read More

greyhound’s tail gin cocktail 31/03/2021

Colonsay Greyhound’s Tail Vodka Cocktail

For our Colonsay Greyhound’s Tail Vodka cocktail Ant @cocktails_for_breakfast has used our new Colonsay Vodka in a riff on the Greyhound (which is basically just vodka and pink grapefruit juice). He’s added in some Pampelle Ruby Red Grapefruit Apertitif to really ramp up the grapefruit flavour. This delicious bittersweet grapefruit Aperitif is a real flavour-bomb of citrus 😋 he’s also included a little honey syrup, to balance out those predominantly sour & bittersweet flavours. It turned out simple yet delicious. Method and ingredients below: 45ml Colonsay Vodka 15ml Grapefruit Aperitif... Read More

island paradise II gin cocktail 21/02/2021

Colonsay Island Paradise II Gin Cocktail

Another great recipe from Ant @cocktails_for_breakfast an improved version of a cocktail we featured a few months ago. The base of Colonsay Island Paradise II Gin cocktail is our Colonsay Gin – Tonn Mor Navy Strength combined with a Pineapple Gin and for an extra kick and more citrus to back up the Arancione Aperitivo there’s some Blue Curacao – helps with the colour too! Some cinnamon stick and mint leaf ‘palm trees’ on a lemon beach as a garnish. Method & Ingredients: 30ml Colonsay Gin – Tonn Mor 30ml... Read More

gin pahit cocktail 21/01/2021

Colonsay Gin Pahit Cocktail

Anthony @cocktails_for_breakfast has given us another great cocktail to try. Colonsay Gin Pahit Cocktail may be small, but it certainly packs a punch! For the base we’ve used Colonsay Gin – Tonn Mor, which is a navy strength London Dry and we’ll explain why later. Firstly, the cocktail: There are some pretty major disagreements around this cocktail, mostly centred around the amount of Angostura bitters used. Difford’s Guide (along with other respected sources) would have you use 2 dashes (some say 3). However, the Raffles Hotel, and also @dradamshob Book... Read More