Colonsay Cherry Valentino Gin Cocktail

This is from Jeff Berry’s 10th anniversary edition of Sippin’ Safari. The Cherry Valentino was served at Kelbo’s in Los Angeles. The recipe was published in the 1976 edition of Los Angeles magazine; but only the ingredients were listed and not the proportions. Jeff used his experience of drinking at Kelbo’s in the 1980s, to come up with the  delicious proportions in his book. Here we’ll list the ingredients only. We also reduced this to a single serve, as it would normally be served for two in a Tiki bowl.... Read More


Colonsay East 8 Hold Up Vodka Cocktail

Created in 2010 by Kevin Armstrong at Milk & Honey in London 🇬🇧 we came across this recipe on Diffords Guide website Combining pineapple & lime with a bittersweet Aperitivo, this will draw comparisons to the classic Jungle Bird. However, with a vodka base in place of rum; and Aperol instead of Campari – this is a lighter, fresher sip. The addition of a touch of passion fruit syrup also works really well. In place of Aperol, we’ve used Peychaud’s Aperitivo, which is delicious 😋 Recipe and ingredients below: 45ml... Read More


Colonsay Xantia Gin Cocktail

A nice, boozy gin cocktail recipe from The Savoy Cocktail Book (1930). Harry Craddock’s recipe calls for equal parts Gin, Yellow Chartreuse and Cherry Brandy. We’ve made one addition to the original, in that we’ve followed the advice of Simon Difford and included a couple of dashes of Abbotts Bitters. These fantastic bitters are a recreation of a defunct brand of bitters that were very popular in the US for many years, before they disappeared in the 1950’s Abbotts Bitters are believed to have been used in the very first... Read More


Colonsay King of Orange Vodka Cocktail

Originally a cocktail created by Fjalar Goud in 2012, this is an updated version from Diffords Guide in which Prosecco has been added. For the base we’ve used our fantastic Colonsay Vodka here, which is produced using peated barley. That gives it a delicious smoky & slightly savoury taste. It always adds an extra depth of flavour & complexity to vodka cocktails 😋 Recipe and ingredients below: 40ml Colonsay Vodka 20ml Grand Marnier 7.5ml Campari 10ml Lemon Juice 25ml Prosecco Shake all ingredients (except the Prosecco) with ice for 12... Read More

colonsay bramble gin cocktail 20/02/2022

Colonsay Bramble Gin Cocktail

A super simple interpretation of the classic “Bramble” cocktail, which was invented in London in the 1980s by the late, great Dick Bradsell. This version uses our absolutely delicious Bramble liqueur. The Bramble liqueur is EASILY good enough to drink on its own over ice, or with Prosecco or tonic… it’s delicious! But we couldn’t resist the opportunity to combine it with Colonsay Gin – Cait Sith our new, Old Tom style gin. With notes of orange, pink grapefruit and vanilla, it’s an absolutely fantastic addition to the Colonsay range.... Read More

corpse reviver no.2 gin cocktail 13/01/2022

Colonsay Corpse Reviver Gin Cocktail

This version is from The Savoy Cocktail Book by Harry Craddock 1930. As Kina Lillet is no longer made, the best alternative is Lillet Blanc. Method and ingredients below: 22.5ml Colonsay Gin 22.5ml Lillet Blanc 22.5ml Cointreau 22.5ml Lemon Juice 1 dash Absinthe Shake all ingredients with ice until well chilled, then fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass (we’ve used our fav Nick & Nora). Garnish with lemon zest

tonn mor bramble gin cocktail 18/11/2021

Colonsay Tonn Mor Bramble Gin Cocktail

One of our favourite cocktails of all time, The Bramble was created in the 1980s by the late, great Dick Bradsell. This version features our Navy Strength Gin called Tonn Mor and the blackberry element is our delicious Bramble liqueur. The liqueur is made from our award winning Colonsay Gin, infused with fresh pressed blackberries – there are no artificial colours or flavours and it’s absolutely delicious! Method and ingredients below: 50ml Colonsay Gin – Tonn Mor 30ml Lemon Juice 10ml Monin Sugar Syrup 15ml Colonsay Bramble Liqueur Shake all... Read More

vanilla laika vodka cocktail 16/09/2021

Colonsay Vanilla Laika Vodka Cocktail

Our very own Colonsay vanilla vodka cocktail is based on the original created by Jake Burger in 2002 at Townhouse in Leeds. We’ve reduced the amount of simple syrup from the original and your preference on this (as ours was) will probably be dictated by how sweet your apple juice is. This is a lovely refreshing cocktail, perfect for a warm sunny day! We’ve used a miniature of Absolut Vanilla but if you don’t have any vanilla vodka, then you could of course infuse any vodka with vanilla beans / pods,... Read More

salty dog vodka cocktail 03/09/2021

Colonsay Salty Dog Vodka Cocktail

An easy but tasty cocktail that’s been around for many years. Seeing as it’s only 3 ingredients, quality is key. Using our excellent Colonsay Vodka which is made using peated barley. This gives it a slightly smoky flavour, which adds a delicious complexity to this very simple drink. It also pairs beautifully when you taste it with the salt rim. This can be served in a highball over ice, or straight up as we’ve done here. Method and ingredients below: 45ml Colonsay Vodka 15ml Maraschino Liqueur 60ml Pink Grapefruit Juice... Read More

international incident vodka cocktail 20/07/2021

Colonsay International Incident Vodka Cocktail

This pairs some Irish Cream with our peated barley Colonsay Vodka, some excellent cold brew coffee liqueur and the deliciously nutty duo of Disaronno almond liqueur and Frangelico hazelnut liqueur. This creamy & tasty number is one we saw on Difford’s Guide website. Method and ingredients below: 30ml Irish Cream Liqueur 15ml Colonsay Vodka 15ml Coffee Liqueur Mr Black Spirits 15ml Hazelnut Liqueur Frangelico 15ml Amaretto Disaronno Shake all ingredients with ice until well chilled, then fine strain into a chilled cocktail glass. We’ve decided to serve it on the... Read More