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Colonsay Mint Martini Vodka Cocktail

This was created in 2005 by Diffords Guide Simon Difford. It’s fresh & minty (obviously 😂), with a nice tart, acidic balance from the Sauvignon Blanc. We’ve obviously used our Colonsay Vodka which is produced using peated barley. That gives it a smoky & slightly savoury flavour, which adds a lovely depth. So delicious! Recipe and ingredients below: 45ml Colonsay Vodka 15ml Dry Vermouth 45ml Sauvignon Blanc 7.5ml Green Creme de Menthe 7.5ml Rich Simple Syrup 12 mint leaves (plus more for garnish) Lightly muddle the mint leaves in the... Read More


Colonsay Bramblito Gin Cocktail

A Bramble Mojito…. A Bramblito? 😂 The Blackberry Mojito has been around for ages; but here we’ve used gin & lemon juice rather than rum & lime. In that sense it really is a mash-up of a Bramble & a Mojito. The only way in which we’ve deviated from the Bramble base, is by using an Old Tom style gin rather than a London Dry. We figured the slighter sweeter Old Tom would work really well here, and it does! The gin is our Colonsay Gin – Cait Sith and... Read More

finlay geekie standing next to a copper still in gin distillery 28/06/2022

What Is A Craft Gin?

Gin is one of the most popular spirits to date, and there’s so much variety out there. One of the more prominent variants of gin is craft gin, and it has proven to be a tried and tested favourite by gin drinkers. But what exactly is a craft gin, and why has it gained so much popularity? Firstly, what’s the difference? One of the biggest questions that arise about craft gin is what is the difference between a craft gin and other kinds of gin? Though craft gin may contain... Read More


Colonsay H.S.L. Special Cocktail

Another one from Diffords Guide We’d definitely recommend checking out the growing list of spirits and liqueurs on their site, they’re all well priced (e.g. this Amaro was £20.75, Green Chartreuse is under £38). This H.S.L. Special is adapted from a cocktail named after its creator Hayden Scott Lambert. We’ve made a fairly minor change in that we’ve used our Colonsay Bramble Liqueur in place of Creme de Mure. So this was just a touch less sweet than the original would be. But the Bramble liqueur is absolutely packed with... Read More

Five shot glasses filled with a variety of alcohol 23/06/2022

Will Rum Be The New Gin?

We’ve all seen the popularity of gin rise dramatically in the last decade, whether it’s the rocketing sales or the prominence of gin bars lining the high street. However, a similar pattern is starting to emerge with rum too, begging the question: is rum the new gin? Premiumisation Many spirits have gone through the premiumisation trend, gin included. There’s a huge demand in the UK for premium spirits. According to the Campari Group UK report on the UK rum market, more than two-thirds of UK customers declared they would spend... Read More

pink gin sweet & fruity 07/06/2022

Gin – What Next?

Between 2013 and 2018, the gin industry delighted in a renaissance with some sectors of the markets enjoying growth spurts of nearly 60% after overall buying of this refreshing tonic had been suffering in previous years. In early 2020, however, this massive boom of gin consumerism seemed to have passed its peak and people were wondering if the once sparkling bubble had burst. Now we’re post pandemic it’s clear those sceptics had nothing to fear as gin continues to keep up with the trend. Tickled Pink The surge of gin... Read More


Colonsay Bling! Bling! Vodka Cocktail

This is just a nice, simple shot. Created 20 years ago by Phillip Jeffrey at the GE Club in London, we came across this on Diffords Guide website. Vodka, fresh raspberries, lime, simple syrup & a touch of Champagne. We’ve used our delicious Colonsay Vodka as the base, and put in twice the amount listed on Diffords Guide to make it a more boozy & larger shot; in order to fill this larger than usual shot glass. With the lime & fresh raspberries, this can definitely take the extra vodka... Read More

colonsay gin and fever tree tonic 27/05/2022

Why is it called Fever Tree?

Drinks like cocktails have grown in popularity phenomenally in the past decade. Part of this boost in ratings is owing to the soft drink mixer Fever Tree brand. Fever Tree provides iconic and taste filled mixers. It has enjoyed a steady following and a loyal consumer base since its humble beginnings way back in the early 2000s. This article is an in depth look at the Fever Tree company, its origins, and how it has grown over the years since its initial creation. Fever Tree Brand Name Origins So, what... Read More


Colonsay Cherry Valentino Gin Cocktail

This is from Jeff Berry’s 10th anniversary edition of Sippin’ Safari. The Cherry Valentino was served at Kelbo’s in Los Angeles. The recipe was published in the 1976 edition of Los Angeles magazine; but only the ingredients were listed and not the proportions. Jeff used his experience of drinking at Kelbo’s in the 1980s, to come up with the  delicious proportions in his book. Here we’ll list the ingredients only. We also reduced this to a single serve, as it would normally be served for two in a Tiki bowl.... Read More

orange slices in a bowl 25/04/2022

How To Taste Gin Like A Pro

Gin is one of the most consumed and iconic spirits in the world, but not everyone knows how to really enjoy it. They pick the first bottle of gin they see or the ones their parents love the most and stick with it. But when you know how to taste gin properly, you start discovering how complex it can be. And, more importantly, you can judge the difference between a good gin and a bad one. Let’s take a look at how you can taste gin like a pro. Start... Read More